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As the orange sun comes up in Jerusalem

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 When the Paris-based Kurdish journalist and filmmaker Berivan Vigoureux meets a Kurdish family in Jerusalem, she feels at home. The Israeli Kurds share everything except faith with their Kurdish brethren in Turkey. Another difference makes her sad: the Kurds in Turkey never have reached the peace Kurds in Israel are enjoying.

Charles Taylor trial wraps

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TribunalThe war crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor is over. After three years and more than a hundred witnesses, the case was sent to the three international judges at the Special Court for Sierra Leone on Friday, March 11th, for deliberation. Taylor faces eleven charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity relating to Sierra Leone’s civil war of the late 1990s.

Modern day sex slavery

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journeyHuman trafficking is a distressing form of international organised crime. Annually, hundreds of thousands of people are being trafficked across borders. Human trafficking is morally suppressive, illegal, it robs people of their lives, it violates human rights and it is a highly lucrative “business”. Mainly women and girls become victims of sex trafficking. It is a global issue and thus the Netherlands deals with it as well. The Netherlands is a source, transit and destination country for victims of trafficking.

Roma: ‘We want to stay here’

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roma_1More and more Roma are migrating from the Balkans to Western Europe--not only to France, but you can find Bulgarian and Romanian Roma moving to the Netherlands as well. Why are they leaving their countries of origin?

The road to nowhere

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somalirefugees1At over six feet tall with his African skin, dressed in a full length white tunic topped off with a skull cap, Sayed stands out on the streets of Kathmandu. You might think him an unlikely tourist or perhaps a visiting imam at the local mosque. But Sayed is neither. He is a refugee.


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ex Ponto is een uitgave van On File, Associatie van vluchtelingjournalisten en schrijvers
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ex Ponto

is een journalistiek magazine dat op internet verschijnt. Het merendeel van de artikelen wordt door vluchteling-journalisten en andere migranten geschreven. Met Nederlandse journalisten als gast.


ovidiusex Ponto

In 8 na Chr. verbant de Romeinse keizer Augustus de dichter Ovidius naar het verre Tomi (het huidige Constança in Roemenië) aan de Zwarte Zee, in de provincie Pontus. Ovidius schrijft daar zijn bekende Epistulae ex Ponto (Brieven uit de Zwarte Zee). Deze bundel bevat poëtische verzoekschriften die hij naar vrienden en invloedrijke Romeinen schreef om voor hem bij de keizer te bemiddelen om in zijn lotsbestemming te herzien. Ex Ponto is in de geschiedenis door verschillende schrijvers gebruikt als metafoor voor ballingschap.