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Journalism on trial in Turkey

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TurkishNewspapersHermione Gee: When the international media watchdog, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), released its 2011-2012 World Press Freedom Index on January 26th, Turkey had dropped 10 places to 148th on the report's list of 179 surveyed countries. The report confirmed what many observers have already suspected, namely that Turkey is "back to its old habits" with respect to its treatment of its national media. RSF said 2011 saw a dramatic escalation in the judicial harassment of journalists," with recent government actions reintroducing "a climate of intimidation in the media." Hermione Gee reports from Istanbul on the state of press freedom in Turkey.

Sold off by their own politicians

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Aegiali_Village_on__Amorgos_IslandGreece's economy is set to shrink in 2012, for the fourth year in a row, and analysts predict the country's debt burden could rise to 190 percent of its GDP by next year. Although the Greek government has implemented stringent austerity measures, cut pensions and salaries and raised taxes, European leaders have had to acknowledge that their efforts so far have not been sufficient. Athens announced that it would lay off 50,000 public sector workers and reduce salaries and pensions further. For ex Ponto magazine Narcis Zohrehnassab talked to Greek citizens about the impact of the economic crisis on their lives.

Fanaticism: When I built a wall

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the_wallI was once a real fanatic and increasingly radicalized in my ideas, just as Pink in ‘The Wall’ gets more and more extreme in his imagination. Like him I built, brick by brick, a wall around me. A wall which separated me from reality. But in building that wall, all of society took part.

Sierra Leone enters a golden age!

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Sierra_Leone_SelebrationOn April 27th of this year, Sierra Leoneans will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their country. The hopes and aspirations of Sierra Leone’s founding fathers, when they agitated for independence from the British colonialists, were for a fully democratic country that would give dignity and pride to its citizens. Sierra Leone’s first prime minister, Milton Margai and a host of other prominent Sierra Leoneans eventually won their fight for independence in Lancaster, England, on April 27th, 1961.

Roma: ‘We want to stay here’

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roma_1More and more Roma are migrating from the Balkans to Western Europe--not only to France, but you can find Bulgarian and Romanian Roma moving to the Netherlands as well. Why are they leaving their countries of origin?

Midwife collaboration under threat

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Ernist_Midwives_AssociationA collaboration between Dutch and Sierra Leonean midwives is facing closure due to a lack of funding. The twinning programme between the Sierra Leone Midwives Association (SLMA) and the Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives (KNOV) is aimed at implementing innovative projects to reduce the maternal mortality rate in Sierra Leone.

Images of America – 10 years later (2)

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Images_of_amerika_NinoIt could sound a bit scary, but it is not so. Thus, I'm just telling a story about my flight on a line between Washington Dulles – Chicago O'Hare in October 2001 and about the pilot who made warm and patriotic speeches.

By the mistake of a smuggler

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Alan_YadegariayanAlan Yadegariayan is an Iranian-Dutch artist and theatre director. Recently, he's also been busy writing. He does not want to be seen as a political activist on the stage, but he likes political performances. "What's important to me is to engage the public with social issues and share some understandings." His life changed completely after the Islamic revolution in 1979 in Iran. This is his story.

Journey: Modern day sex slavery

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journeyHuman trafficking is a distressing form of international organised crime. Annually, hundreds of thousands of people are being trafficked across borders. Human trafficking is morally suppressive, illegal, it robs people of their lives, it violates human rights and it is a highly lucrative “business”. Mainly women and girls become victims of sex trafficking. It is a global issue and thus the Netherlands deals with it as well. The Netherlands is a source, transit and destination country for victims of trafficking.


As the orange sun comes up in Jerusalem

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 When the Paris-based Kurdish journalist and filmmaker Berivan Vigoureux meets a Kurdish family in Jerusalem, she feels at home. The Israeli Kurds share everything except faith with their Kurdish brethren in Turkey. Another difference makes her sad: the Kurds in Turkey never have reached the peace Kurds in Israel are enjoying.

From forcible exile to forced migration

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Bhutanese_refugees_ShipholA stranger from an unfamiliar country is coming to live near you. Neither you nor he can deny this destiny. Over the last few years, the Dutch government has been trying to reduce the rate of asylum requests to the Netherlands and has been sending asylum seekers back to their home countries against their will. But exiled Bhutanese nationals are being welcomed to the Netherlands, although what they want is help to go back home. Those who are currently living in the Netherlands are asking themselves whether it's an extended exile or a new home. Nanda Gautam gives an insight into a forcibly exiled minority from a country we in the West are told is the happiest nation in the world.


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In 8 na Chr. verbant de Romeinse keizer Augustus de dichter Ovidius naar het verre Tomi (het huidige Constança in Roemenië) aan de Zwarte Zee, in de provincie Pontus. Ovidius schrijft daar zijn bekende Epistulae ex Ponto (Brieven uit de Zwarte Zee). Deze bundel bevat poëtische verzoekschriften die hij naar vrienden en invloedrijke Romeinen schreef om voor hem bij de keizer te bemiddelen om in zijn lotsbestemming te herzien. Ex Ponto is in de geschiedenis door verschillende schrijvers gebruikt als metafoor voor ballingschap.